Are you interested in attracting new customers and offering efficient customer service? Then YOU have found the right partner. WELCOME!!! TO BEEM CONSULT, AND EXPERIENCE YOUR WORLD OF PERSONALIZED IT CONSULTING. +++

We provide the platform for hosting and managing of business event(s). You can post your own events and/or post events on behalf of other companies. This is a great avenue for job creation and has the potential of increasing business revenue.

We also provide an online time-clock-in system which helps to monitor business operations. This system keeps track of the time employees report to work, their work assignments, and how long they worked. Besides ensuring efficient use of employees time at work, it also helps existing and potential customers to know business offices that are currently online and working, and those who have closed(offline). Customers are thus helped in making purchase decisions.

Our payment systems is highly customizable to suit your business needs. We have both postpaid and prepaid versions, and are both designed to operate in online and offline modes. The system issues receipts to customers, track daily payments and bank deposits, as well as assist in bank reconciliation.
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