Welcome To myBEEM Vendors Management Service
myBEEM Vendor Manager

myBEEM Vendors is a web application originally designed for the management of utility vendors in Ghana.

It enables vendors to publish information about their business, receive service applications seemlessly, and render customer service efficiently.

It allows vendor associations to communicate with their members, manage membership dues and welfare matters.

We endeavor to connect customers of utility services to utility vendors that meet their specific needs in a timely manner.

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Vendors info

  • Vendor bio data, and business profile
  • Service queue management
  • Vendor portal

HR & Payroll

  • Employee time clock-in service and job scheduling
  • Payrol management, bank advice and payslips
  • Staff welfare and provident fund management
  • Employee and employer pension scheme contribution
  • Monthly PAYE tax returns in line with GRA format


  • Vendor dues management
  • Vendor soft-credit register and arrears management
  • SMS alert to vendors in respect of vendor bill and dues payment
  • Asset register and depreciation
  • Journal and voucher entries
  • Trial balance, income and expenditure, balance sheet
Please contact us if you are a vendor, and are interested in or want more information on this service