Welcome To myBEEM Micro-finance Service

myBEEM Microfince is a web application designed to manage the operations of micro-finance institutions in Ghana

It allows registered micro-finance institutions to publish information about their institution, create a service gallery, and advertise for free

It helps in managing members deposits/savings, and the processing of loans and deposit withdrawal applications

It allows members to interact with the system to access their deposit/savings and loan account information, and/or rate their institutions on service delivery

It allows institutions to communicate with their members, by sending billing and payment reminders.

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Vendors info

  • Vendor bio data, and business profile
  • Service queue management
  • Vendor portal

HR & Payroll

  • Employee time clock-in service and job scheduling
  • Payrol management, bank advice and payslips
  • Staff welfare and provident fund management
  • Employee and employer pension scheme contribution
  • Monthly PAYE tax returns in line with GRA format


  • Member deposit/savings management
  • Member loans register and arrears management
  • SMS alert to members in respect of loan bill and dues payment
  • Asset register and depreciation
  • Journal and voucher entries
  • Trial balance, income and expenditure, balance sheet
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